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The Silver Compass

The Silver Compass takes readers from the darkest moment
of Ellis Williams’ life as a young girl to her rebirth years later
as a widow with a troubled daughter of her own. The axis of
the story spins around a secret readers are made aware of
when Ellis moves back to the town where she grew up.


The Penny Tree

Annie Hillman is unexpectedly offered a second chance
at happiness while coping with the fall-out from her failed
marriage. Her story involves a determined anonymous
admirer and the complicated emotional terrain of a family
slowly torn apart by a child’s life threatening illness.


The Tin Box

The story of The Tin Box revolves around deception and
its consequences. Kenly Lowen is
about to tell her husband
a secret she’s kept from him for fifteen years. I
n her lap is
an old tin box, and what’s inside might end her marriage
and will change her family forever. 


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