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I was born in Alberta, Canada and because I grew with three brothers and a sister, I was rarely ever alone. I was
a happy tomboy, forever fishing or climbing trees or riding my bike down a staircase (no joke), but when I wasn’t doing those things, I was reading.





Ice fishing as a kid

Brady—14 yrs old

Roo—8 yrs old

Holly’s boys

One of my favorite thinking spots

My office

Holly’s boys

Sullivan (aka Sully)

Holly’s boys

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a writer and for me the attraction has always been
a story that begs to be told. As a kid, I’d often watch complete strangers and become fascinated by
the mischief  in someone’s eyes as they talked on a phone, or intrigued to distraction by the sad tilt
of someone’s head as they stared out a bus window. I loved listening to people talk, but it was what
weren’t saying that captivated me most all of their secrets because I believe that’s where
the best stories are usually found.


It wasn’t until after I’d married and had kids that I finally decided to chase my dream. Then in 2002 I attended Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Writers Workshop in Belize with a short story Id written called The Tin Box. It was a story that went on to become the first novel I ever wrote, a novel that has now been published in six languages. My second novel, The Penny Tree, was published not long after that, and my third, The Silver Compass, followed one year later.


Today I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my family two cats, one Newfoundland dog, two sons, and my husband (see snapshots below) where I’m busy writing my next novel, Keeper of the Pond.